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About Us

About Us

Why Whitecloudservers? 

Since our Founding, We've been always trying to provide the best services to our customers for their cloud storage, networking and hosting needs. 

We know the best that reliability is the most important factor when it comes to hosting and server providing services, as customers don't want their services to be interrupted or disconnected while they are using them or their clients using the services that are provided and hosted by us. 

That's Why we've been doing our best to provide the most reliability a customer can get from a server provider and the testimonials shows that fortunately we have been able to make good on this promise and being quite successful in this matter so far. since the majority of our customers are happy using our services and keep using them for a long time. 

Who Are We? 

´╗┐WhiteCloudServers founded in 2019, by a few talented and motivated young people as a team, in the United Arab of Emirates, to change the hosting and server providing game from what was already known in the internet world, to a better and more affordable area, for all the people to have the chance to run their own businesses and have their own servers for much cheaper prices and higher quality. 

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